The yellow bird in a yellow wood
~ Tiffany
~ 19 years old
~ Massachusetts, USA
~ college student, studying theatre (mainly acting)
~ tumblr user since August 2010
~ not a natural red head
~ I complain a lot and sometimes I’m an asshole and I apologize in advanced
~ I like sassy people who can make me laugh and like good music so that’s kind of it.
~I also dabble in the world of youtube so you can find me under Featherdflume

This is what I look like.
Tumblr Wife
College Experiences.
Small Victories.

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ugh my head still hurts but I finally withdrew from psych so at least there’s one more thing I got done and don’t have to worry about.

my head has been hurting me for a few days now even though I took pain medicine. it’s just like this constant pressure feeling throughout my whole skull. and google chrome did something dumb and deleted everything in my google calendar (thankfully I have a hard copy of my schedule of life, but still!) and i’m just thinking about things I need to do and I don’t want to do them.

*sigh* i need another nap.


Bold & Brash 
Tentacles, 2001


Bold & Brash

Tentacles, 2001

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"i want to think of you in the same way
i think about bright red leaves during

that even when you are falling apart,
floating down toward the end;

you are still beautiful to me.
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*cha cha’s real smooth away from academic responsibilities*

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hey man I just gotta say that Jackson is pretty super great and I like him a lot and he makes me laugh all the time and he’s super understanding of things and I don’t know he makes me happy and I’m thankful to have him :)

It’s gloomy outside but I kind of like it⛅️☁️ (at Umass Amherst)

It’s gloomy outside but I kind of like it⛅️☁️ (at Umass Amherst)

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